When I'm not busy strategizing how my clients are going to take over the world, expanding my e-commerce site with my fiance (whom I also spend a lot of time with!), spending time with family, learning new analysis and interweb fun facts, or the occasional eating, sleeping, etc, I like to partake in the following activities:

  • Singing and playing the piano - To date, I have about 16 songs recorded, which for purposes of maintaining employment, remain on my personal computer to filter out hilarious (but often inappropriate) tunes... unless requested. I've also sang for about 2 years for the Madrigal Choral of Southfield, but had to stop for last semester and this one due to needing to complete my degree. I still play a show tune or two on the piano upon request and enjoy just improvising or playing some of the classical pieces I used to know better.
  • Playing roller hockey - Every Sunday night around 8-10PM I strap on my gear and play roller hockey at a local Rochester, MI skate center. I'm on a house team playing against players that are about my same skill level and I love it! It's a great form of exercise and there's a lot of really great guys on my team. Only downside is that I can't play more often.
  • Traveling Up North - I've got two destinations I try and hit every couple of weekends, Ess Lake and Harbor Springs. Ess Lake, near Hillman, MI is a secluded lake and community made up of primarily summer residents. My parents bought a place up there last spring that's just a few houses down from my cousins' place and it makes for an excellent break from technology (reception's horrible). Brings me back to nature a little. Harbor Springs is pretty much the exact opposite. My fiance and I stay at her parent's condo there and cruise around between Petoskey and Harbor all weekend long. There are lots of great restaurants and stores and the view of the bay is breathtaking no matter where you are on the coastline.
  • Miscellaneous - I've got about 13 books in the making, each no longer than 10 pages. I'll finish them some day! I buy up random domain names if I get an idea for a new site. I like to golf but I'm terrible at it. I love good food and really enjoy making homemade meals. That's about it!