Let Me Show You the Forrest Through the Trees

Welcome to my site! I'm hoping (guessing) the main reason you're here is because of one of the bullets on the list below, but just in case you're not familiar with those, read the narrative for a little more background on me.


About three years into my college education, I began an internship at a company called Brand Labs in Rochester, MI. My roles included updating e-commerce websites with product and category information, writing copy and link building for search engine optimization and making small development updates to specific landing pages. I quickly assumed the role of 2nd in command for merchandising while expanding my writing skills in the seo-copywriting arena.

Within the first year, I had been hired in as the first full time sales rep that worked daily with online business owners helping them drive up site revenue. My main roles included investigating site analytics and traffic information to provide educated decisions for marketing, design, and programming projects.

Ryan Forrest

On the flip side, at night I took 1-2 classes per semester. It actually took me about a year of night classes working towards a marketing major to finally figure out that it wasn't the only focus I wanted in my degree. After a meeting with a counselor at the School of Business at Oakland University, I was referred to the School of Integrative Studies, which would allow me to take the interests of my current major, marketing, and combine that with other disciplines of study that I was passionate about. Psychology was a particular area of interest to me because understanding what my clients and their customers felt and thought on a daily basis is how I'd really sell to them.

I have been a sales representative (official title: Account Manager) now for over 2 years and have only a couple of minor classes remaining to finish up my degree. The work I have done in the field has significantly helped with taking in class curriculum which has in turn sparked new specialties and businesses of my own. You'll have to read these interesting tidbits and artifacts on the cool stuff page.

Thanks for stopping by! My contact info is up top and more info can be found by clicking any of the links in the navigation.

- Ryan